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Food Vendors Section

Food Vendors will be located near the picnic table sections . Each booth is 10' x 10'. Larger booths can combine 10 x 10 spaces. If even larger booths are needed, we can accommodate the requests. Booths are sold on first-come, first served basis. Electricity will be provided for an additional $15.  Sign up with a PRE SHOW RESERVATION... 50% OFF. ONLY $50 for a 10 x 10 both and multiples thereof. All food and beverage vendors are responsible for meeting applicable codes and must sign our food and vendor agreement. We provide picnic table seating near all food vendors.  Click HERE to register on-line now. For Alexander County rules and forms go HERE

We need to get as many of the food categories listed below filled as possible... first come, first served

2-Hot Dogs         Filled

2-Hamburgers    One left

2-Pizza One 1 filled

1-Fried Cheese curds

1-Smoked Turkey Legs

1-Pulled Pork

1-Chinese Food

1-Gyros       Filled


2-Snow Cones Filled

1-Kettle Corn  Filled

1-Walking Tacos-Chips w/cheese dip Filled

1-Belgium Waffles  Filled

1-Funnel Cakes      Filled

1-Fish and Chips

1-Frozen yogurt

2-Roasted ears of corn

1-Cotton Candy

2-Soft-serve ice cream 1 filled

1-Italian Platter

1-Fried bloomin’ onions

3-Coffee, cinnamon rolls, donuts, bagels    One Left

1-Baked pretzels

2-Carmel corn Filled

4-Soft drinks, bottle water 2 Filled

1-Grilled pork chops on a stick

1-Corn dogs

1-Homemade baked cookies

1-Crab Fritters

1-Philly Steak sandwiches    

1-Candy apples

2-Smoothies  1 filled

1-Dippin Dots

2-Slushies  Filled

1-Vegetarian Platter

1-Fried chicken  Filled

1-Turkey Burgers

1-Meatball Sandwich    Filled

Full-dinner foods such as Fresh Sea Food, Vegetarian Platter, and most all categories we are only allowing one vendor booth. Limited vendors will insure everyone makes money.
















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